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Tips for the Best Nile Cruises in Egypt

Living a luxurious life in Egypt has many shapes, but all will give you the same standard of happiness. The luxurious life of today will go to Nile Cruises where you can sail the great Nile and enjoy the view with the 5 stars services. The Ancient Egyptian civilization deserves to get explored in the same royalty level onboard a fancy Nile cruise.

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The original idea of Nile Cruises in Egypt

What do you think about where we got the idea of sailing the Nile? The idea of a boat that travels through the Nile came from the ancient Egyptians when they learned how to move through the Nile from 4000 years ago. Through the time the idea of a Nile cruise is getting updated until we reach the version we have now.

How long a Nile Cruise tour can take

You can enjoy a Nile cruise tour in both ways from Luxor to Aswan which will take 5 days and from Aswan to Luxor with 4 days tour. In both tours, you will discover all the highlights of ancient Egyptians in the east & west bank of Luxor and Aswan. A cruise through history where you will experience the glory of the Egyptian civilization with the luxurious life on board.

The available categories for the Nile Cruises 

The Nile cruises in Egypt have different categories to fit all the tourists’ budgets, you don’t have to be that wealthy to enjoy this feeling. Whatever your budget is, you will be visiting ancient Egypt on a luxurious Nile cruise. The available categories:

  • Standard Nile cruises: This is your option to enjoy a Nile cruise with your limited budget. Here you can explore the whole Pharaoh’s mysteries besides enjoying some of the fancy feelings in the Nile cruise at a very reasonable price.
  • Luxury Nile cruises: Get the five stars treatment in the middle of the Nile while you’re enjoying the ancient Egypt greatness.
  • High Luxury Nile cruises: This category will make you feel the same as the ancient kings of the pharaohs sailing the Nile. The royalty feeling in the middle of mother nature beauty is something you should never miss.

What Nile Cruises Types you can find 

You can enjoy the Nile cruise in two different shapes. If you want to have a private tour there is a Nile cruise type that holds only 10 cabins where you will enjoy all the details in private. 

But if you love to be in a group, there is a group Nile cruise that can hold more than 150 cabins. You will enjoy the luxurious Nile cruise and the beautiful views of the Nile with your beloved group. Whatever your type is, you will definitely have a magnificent experience.

Why you will love the Nile Cruise experience

Nile Cruise is not an ordinary experience, it’s a lifetime journey you have to try at least once in your life. During your sailing tour that takes from 4 to 5 days, you will enjoy all the artistic masterpieces in the Nile River, the scene of fishermen casting their nets, and lots of people standing on the shore waiting for the master scene of the stunning sunset.

It’s not a means of transportation that will only sail through the river, you will have the chance to discover the amazing ancient temples and complexes. The rich history of ancient Egypt will be on both sides of the Nile where you will get amazed by the world-famous archeological sites.

What’s more interesting than discovering the history of Egyptian civilization besides having fun. You will have a great historical experience by taking extraordinary photographs with views that will blow your mind, you will also pass by amazing shops to get the best souvenirs for yourself and your beloved people to always remember this breathtaking experience and this incredible country, Egypt. 

Know the best time to enjoy Nile Cruises

To get the best out of the Nile Cruise experience, you have to choose the timing very carefully to not miss the perfect atmosphere of cruising. November and December are the golden months for having a luxurious experience by cruising the Nile like kings. The most interesting things about this time are that you can go cruising during Christmas vacation which will give the holiday a distinct character, you will also enjoy the experience with very pleasant weather you didn’t try before. I’m sure you will definitely love the warm sunny days and adore the cool, breezy nights.

Make sure to get your experience at the longest Nile River in the world at the right time, it will be a lifetime journey, you should plan it right.

What to visit during Nile Cruises tour

During your journey in the middle of the Nile, you will be visiting lots of historical places and discover much more about the ancient Egyptian civilization. Your cruise will sail from Luxor to Aswan in about 4 to 5 days, in these days there will be some places to visit in Aswan and others in Luxor:

Luxor city

This great city was the capital of Egypt for a long time during the middle and the new kingdom, you will totally enjoy your time visiting the biggest open-air museum in the world. You will be visiting:

  • The Karnak Temple is the largest religious temple that ever built 
  • Colossi of Memnon, two huge statues belonging to Amenhotep III. 
  • Luxor Temple which has the touch of all the ancient kings of Egypt.
  • Temple of Hatshepsut is one of the perfect designed temples in Egypt.
  • Valley of the Kings is the place where kings were buried in magnificent tombs.

Aswan City

The city of gold you will get to enjoy the beauty of mother nature besides witnessing the greatness of the pharaohs while cruising along the Nile. In Aswan you will be visiting:

  • the Temple of Kom Ombo is one of the most astonishing temples of ancient Egypt.
  • the High Dam which is constructed to prevent the flood of the River Nile
  • The Temple of Philae is one of the major ancient temples for the worship of the goddess Isis.
  • The Unfinished Obelisk is a clear example of the Obelisks’ construction process in ancient Egypt.
  • The Temple of Abu Simbel is famous for its colossal facade with four huge statues of Ramses II.
  • The Temple of Edfu is one of the finest preserved temples of ancient Egypt.

An integrated adventure from all directions, you will enjoy a happy time on board and visit the most interesting historical places about the ancient Egyptian civilization. All that you are wishing for is in one perfect adventure, don’t miss having Christmas with the luxurious taste of the Nile cruise in December.

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