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Discover Egypt in a 3D Mood

The Meho Tomb
The Coptic Museum
Sultan Barquq Mosque

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During this period in which the whole world is going through, everything stopped, especially the airports.

But your chance to see amazing things from your home is still possible.

In this blog, you will find the most attractive locations in Egypt in the 3D mood to have a special tour from your home. 

Egypt attractions

  • Bani Hassan Tombs
  • Ibn Ezra Temple 
  • Sultan Barquq Mosque 
  • The Red Monastery 
  • Tomb of Queen “Meresankh III”
  • Tomb of “Waha ti”
  • The Zoological Museum
  • The Coptic Museum 
  • The “Maho” Tomb 
  • Tomb of “Menna”

Bani Hassan Tombs

39 tombs dating back to more than 4000 years in one place called Bani Hassan in El-Minya Governorate, one of the most impressive governorates of Egypt.

Now you can visit Bani Hassan tombs at any time from your home and enjoy the 3D technology

Quarantine is not a big deal now

Ibn Ezra Temple 

Another interesting trip to the Egyptian attractions

Iben Ezra Temple is one of the most important Jewish temples which dates the existence of the Jewish community in Egypt. Now it is one of Egypt’s tourist attractions

You will enjoy the beauty of the temple details from your place

Sultan Barquq Mosque 

In order to entertain your quarantine here is a new attraction to visit

Sultan Barquq Mosque established by the first ruler of the Circassian Mamluks in Egypt in the period 1384-1386 CE. You will find this mosque on Al-Moez Street, in the city of Cairo, enjoy the history of Egypt.

The Red Monastery

Egypt 3D trips never end, don’t miss this one

The Red Monastery is one of the most important religious monuments in Egypt. Queen Helena established this Monastery in the style of the Holy Sepulcher Church in the fourth century AD which makes it one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Egypt.

Travel from home now and Discover the Red Monastry in 3D

Tomb of Queen “Meresankh III”

This is the time of the Pharaonic beauty

The tomb of Queen Meresankh III is located next to the Great Pyramid, as it was the wife of King Khafra. This tomb was distinguished by its large size and wonderful decorations, which will make your journey inside very interesting.

You can enjoy today’s trip to The tomb of Queen Meresankh III in 3D 

Tomb of “Waha ti”

To the lovers of Pharaonic history, today’s tomb is one of the most recent tombs discovered in Egypt.

Waha ti was one of the senior employees in Saqqara since the late Fifth Dynasty. His tomb is distinguished by its beautiful reliefs and impressive architectural design.

Make sure to not miss this trip and do it now from your home, Discover Tomb of Waha ti in 3D 

The Zoological Museum

Who does not like animals?

Today’s trip will be to the Zoological Museum, which is located inside the zoo in Giza Governorate. This museum is a very special place that includes animal mummies, some of which were tunnels in the park more than a hundred years ago.

Now you can learn about the animals’ history and enjoy touring the museum from your home.

The Coptic Museum 

Let’s have a look at some Coptic arts

The Coptic Museum in Egypt is one of the most important tourist attractions, it is located near a group of churches in old Egypt.

This museum was established during the year 1910 AD, and its purpose was to collect monuments and documents that contribute to enriching the study of Coptic art in Egypt.

An interesting and educational trip is on the way.

The Mehu Tomb 

Do you appreciate beauty? you better check the pharaonic beauty.

The “Mehu” Tomb is one of the most beautiful tombs of ancient Egypt in Saqqara city, which still retains its splendor of color and splendid scenery.

Tomb of Menna

The ancient pharaohs are still impressing us through their tombs.

Menna was a writer for the royal fields during the reign of Thutmose IV. Most of the scenes engraved in Menna tomb revolve around agriculture with all its activities

Menna tomb is known for the colorful paintings that adorn the chapel walls which made it one of the main attractions on the West Bank of Luxor city.

A quick trip inside Menna Tomb will say it all.

This is a treasure for your quarantine time, traveling for your home is the best thing you can do today. What you are waiting for, start your trips now and don’t let the coronavirus beats you. Let’s start some fun and educational time.

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