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The Cairo Tower and its Revolving Restaurant

If a tourist asks what is the most remarkable and important contemporary monument built in Egypt in the last one hundred years? or What is the tallest building in Egypt? The answer would surely be that it is the Cairo Tower.

Overlooking one of the most interesting cities in the world, Cairo, the capital, the Cairo Tower that offers startling views of the city has always been popular among tourists who travel to spend their vacation in Egypt and Egyptians all the same. Spending an evening watching the sunset and then enjoying a meal in one of the restaurants inside the tower is truly charming and will guarantee you a great unforgettable experience.

Where Cairo Tower is located

how tall is the cairo towerThe Cairo Tower is located in the classy neighborhood of Zamalek. With its distinctive location between Eastern Cairo and Western Cairo, or Giza, Zamalek has served as the best location for such a tower to enable the guests enjoying their holidays in Egypt to watch the largest portion of the city of Cairo from the top of the Tower.

Located near downtown Cairo and the Egyptian Museum, It can basically be reached by a taxi or the subway through the Opera House station. it’s also located quite near to the Opera House, another marvelous contemporary monument in Egypt.

Who Built the Cairo Tower

It was constructed in the ruling period of Gamal Abdel El Nasser, the former Egyptian president. He was the second president in the history of Egypt and the leader of the 23rd of July revolution that made King Farouk, the last king of Egypt, step down.

who built the cairo towerAfterwards Gamal Abdel El Nasser Become the president of Egypt after Abdel Hakim Amer, who is the first president of the land of the Nile. The most important achievements of the president was the nationalization of the Suez Canal in 1956 and then the construction of the High Dam in Aswan.

The president also was a supporter of Arab Nationalism and he tried to gather the Arabs until his death in 1970 after the defeat of the Egyptian army in the war against Israel in 1967.

Cairo Tower Throughout History

The Cairo Tower was constructed in the period between 1957 and 1961. It was designed by the Egyptian architect; Na’oum Shabib and more than 500 Egyptian workers participated in its construction work. The cost of the building of was estimated to be around six million pounds.

the cairo tower At this point in time, the United States of America has donated six million pounds to Egypt in order to change the stance of the president Nasser and the Egyptian government towards the support that they gave to Algeria to gain its independence from the French occupation.

However, Gamal Abdel El Nasser refused to spend this donated amount of money on the infrastructure of Egypt, although the country extremely needed this at the time. he wanted to teach the Egyptians and the whole world a lesson and this was why he used the six million pounds to construct this building. This was why the Tower had many nicknames including the fork of Roosevelt and the largest embodying of the word no in the history of mankind.

This building was renewed and renovated in a period of two years from 2006 until 2008 by the Egyptian Company called the Arab Contractors. The reparation and reforming process had the cost of more than fifteen million pounds but it was extremely vital to keep the tower in its best condition.

How Cairo Tower looks like

Constructed out of reinforced concrete, the Cairo Tower had the distinctive design quoted from the ancient Egyptians, the Lotus plant, which was the most important plants for ancient Egyptians. With its magnificent design, the tower is 187 meters high and it 43 meters higher than the Grand pyramid of Cheops in Giza .

It’s consists of 16 floors that are built on an extremely strong base that was made out of the granite imported from Aswan, the same granite the Pharaohs used to construct their temples and tombs.

Visited by numerous tourists who travel to Egypt, especially the Arabs, the elevator takes the guests to the top floor in less than 45 seconds. Afterwards, the guests can see the whole city of Cairo including important monuments like The Egyptian Television Building, the Azhar area, Saladin Citadel  and marvelous views of the Nile River and the Island of Zamalek.

The Revolving Restaurant Cairo Tower

the revolving restaurant cairo tower The Cairo tower restaurant offers to the guests a wonderful meal situated in the 14th floor at a height of 160 meters. beside the restaurant there is a cafe situated in the 15th floor where guests can enjoy some drinks and snacks while admiring the beauty of Cairo.

Lately in 2015, The Tower has witnessed when president Abdel Fatah El sissy invited the Russian president Putin to have dinner in the Cairo Tower in the important visit of the Russian president in Egypt at the beginning of the year 2015.

The working hours there is from 8 AM till 12 Pm in the winter and 9 AM till 1 AM in the summer. The price of the tickets for the Egyptians is 20 pounds while tourists who visit Egypt pay 70 pounds to enter the Cairo Tower.

Many tourists travel from all over the world to have a wonderful vacation in Egypt visit the Cairo Tower to have unparalleled views of the Capital. The visit is an enjoyable day for children as well as they would be able to view startling scenes from the top of the tower.

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