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Egypt’s Capitals Museum (ECM)

We will take you on a detailed tour in the different eras of the Egyptian history in one of the newest Museums in Egypt, The Administrative Capital Museum (ECM). You will know everything about the 9 capitals of Egypt, Memphis, Thebes, Tell El-Amarna, Fustat, Alexandria, Islamic Cairo, Cairo Khedive plus different holdings that relate to each capital. This tour will be very informative, interesting, and Dazzling.

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The location of the museum 

You can find the museum located at the City of Arts and Culture in the New Administrative Capital of Egypt. You will watch the story of the Egyptian Capitals and the development they went through in each era. Starting from the oldest capital of Egypt “Memphis” to the newest one “Cairo City”.  This museum holds a special knowledge about the Egyptian Capitals which make it one of its kind.

The grand opening of the Egypt’s Capitals Museum is scheduled to be in the year 2021 which will happen in a great opening ceremony at the City of Culture and Arts in the New Administrative Capital. Don’t miss the opening of this great museum.

The division of the museum 

Egypt’s Capitals Museum (ECM) consists of two main galleries; one presents the Egyptian Capitalsa, and the other talks about the ancient Egyptian beliefs and afterlife.

The first gallery was divided into different sections, each section presenting one of the old capitals of Egypt and there are 6 capitals plus Cairo city, the current capital of Egypt. Firstly you will find 6 different sections of those capitals: Memphis, Thebes, Tell el Amarna, Alexandria, Islamic Cairo, and Khedival Cairo. 

The museum narrates the amazing history of each Egyptian capital, as you can find in the main hall a huge number of ancient and modern artifacts of Egypt’s capitals. The total capitals are nine and they are separated in the museum as the following: on your right there are four capitals “ Memphis, Thebes, Tal el-Amarna, and Alexandria”.

Then, on your left, you will find another five capitals “Fustat, Fatimid Cairo, Modern Egypt, Khedivial Cairo, and current Cairo”. To be able to continue the tour you will have to go to the second level, behind the statue of King Ramses II, where you will find different collectibles that present the ancient life in each period including toiletries, war tools, and various correspondences.

The second gallery of the museum is responsible for showing the importance of the after-life in ancient Egypt. This section contains Toto’s tomb, plus the hall of mummies, coffins and canopic vessels.

At the same section you will also find mummies of priests and priestesses of the idol Amun, and the mummy of Nesi Khonsu, the second wife of the chief priest of Amun. These mummies were a distinct model for the development of the mummification method since the 21st family, as they started to cover the eyes with stones and gave the skin a dark yellow color to add a sense of vitality and freshness to the body.

Finally this museum has received a huge number of antiquities from other museums in Egypt like the ones from the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square, the Museum of Islamic Art, the Gayer-Anderson Museum, and the Coptic Museum. These antiquities are as follows: ancient musical instruments, a wooden pulpit, an iconic harp, Fatimid ceramics, and an apse decorated with a cross and clusters of grapes and seashells.

A rich Museum like this one is a must visit and it should be an essential destination on your trip.

The Museum design

Egypt’s Capitals Museum (ECM) is built on an area of 8,500 square meters at the City of Culture and Arts. The designer of this museum chose to separate it into two floors, a ground and first floor plus a main exhibition hall and subsidiary exhibition halls to cover the greatness of ancient and modern Egypt. 

All the exhibition halls of the museum have a display system with modern technology, as they are equipped with screens to display interactive panoramic films about the history. The halls also include an illustration for each ancient Egyptian capitals, including its architecture, religious buildings, and most famous landmarks. These features give you a rich, informative, and entertainment experience inside the museum. 

The last part at the museum is the external display area which will also be a place to present some artifacts plus creating a landscape with green areas to plant the Egyptian plants like papyrus and lotus flowers. 

This design is very organized and well prepared to cover all this greatness and make people enjoy their experience at the same time. 

Don’t miss the chance to attend the opening ceremony live of Egypt’s Capitals Museum (ECM) this year and start to arrange for your trip to Egypt now. Visiting this museum will give you the opportunity to know everything about ancient and modern Egypt starting from its first capital, Memphis until the current capital of Cairo City.


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