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Giftun Island Hurghada

Summer time in Hurghada is always more special than any other place. Inside Hurghada there are lots of interesting and beautiful cities and islands full of the summer vibes in their special mood. Among these islands there is a very special one called the Giftun Island, it’s one of the most beautiful islands for you to enjoy the charming views of the Red Sea. Let’s take a small tour inside this Island and learn more about the Giftun Island:

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What is Giftun Island? 

Giftun Island is a beautiful piece of land full of charming sand beaches and crystal clear water that is perfect for your summer time. It is an isolated place from the real world. To know more about the unique beaches of Giftun Island you have to memorize these 3 beach names: Orange Bay, Paradise Island and Mahmya Island.

So Giftun Island is a whole island that consists of 3 beautiful beaches: Orange Bay, Paradise Island and Mahmya Island. Giftun Island is the bigger umbrella for the 3 beaches. 

The Red Sea is full of beautiful and unique islands and Giftun Island is one of the largest islands. It came after Shedwan Island in size.  

Giftun Island has almost 196 kinds of rare coral reefs, more than 794 species of colourful fish, and extraordinary birds, you will definitely feel like you’re in heaven. All these numbers of coral reefs and fish represent almost 80% of what exists in the Red Sea. 

There are two kinds of birds that exist in Giftun Island facing the extinction danger, you will only see them at this unique piece of land. The birds are the Kittiwake and a specific kind of eagles plus one kind of rare turtle that lives on the island beaches.

Where is Giftun Island located?

Away around 45-minutes from Hurghada you will find Giftun Island, you can easily reach the island through a boat trip from Hurghada.

In the middle of the island you will find the Orange Bay on the West side but Mahmya and Paradise Islands will be on the South side. 


What will a trip to Giftun Island include?

With only 22$ you can have a special trip to Giftun Island, but there will be an extra amount for the activities and services there.  

A trip to Giftun Island will include include the following: 

  • Reaching Giftun Island with a boat from Hurghada to enjoy a special day at the sea from that boat. 
  • With your boat you can go diving, swimming or even snorkeling at any spot around the island. 
  • Once you reach the island you can enjoy all the natural beauty you will find there from the sky, the sea water, and the sand beaches.
  • Make sure to enjoy all the beach activities there weather inside the water or on the beach itself
  • You can also enjoy relaxing under the clear sky listening to the calming sound of the sea. 
  • Your lunch meal that day will be at the island itself. 

Why are the Giftun Islands so special?

All the islands of the Giftun Islands are occupying a very important touristic and economic role for Hurghada city. This is because the island has one of the most famous diving spots in the world which are very close to the shores of Hurghada. Also Giftun Island attracts a huge number of tourists from all over the world every year. 

These amazing islands include all the facilities you may need during your summer vacation in Hurghada, all you need to do is to book your own trip to this place during your visit in Egypt. 

Visiting Giftun Islands feels like visiting heaven for only one day. You will love how beautiful mother nature is, and you will adore the fun activities in its crystal clear water plus enjoying the relaxing feeling on the sand of their beaches. 

Make sure to not miss such a great adventure in your lifetime.


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