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Petra Jordan Tourism

Petra  is for sure the most important historical site situated in Jordan. Hundred of tourists come from all over the world to spend their vacations in Jordan and explore the ancient site of Petra.

Situated in the Southern section of the Kingdom of Jordan, Petra is famous for its rock carved constructions that are featured with their rose colored walls. Petra was established at the beginning of the 4th century BC as a capital for the kingdom of the Nabataeans.

The ancient city of Petra played an important role in the commercial activities between the West and the East due to its distinctive location between Asia, Europe, and Africa. It was also situated on the rout of the flourishing silk caravans coming from Asia to other regions in Africa and Europe.

Petra remained undiscovered for a long period of time until in 1812, the Swiss orientalist; Johann Ludwig Burckhardt unearthed this marvelous ancient city that was included in the UNESCO heritage sites list in 1958.

Moreover, the ancient city of Petra was also added to the New Seven Wonders of the World. This is why many travellers who tour Jordan include a visit to Petra to their travel packages.

located around 225 kilometers to the South of Amman, the capital of Jordan, the outline of Petra was influenced by the Roman architecture in the construction of cities. The main street of Petra divides the city into two sections. This street with its number of columns is among the most remarkable features of Petra today.

The Treasury is perhaps the most important and famous building in Petra. The location of this startling construction was carefully chosen that until today it is the first establishment that welcomes the tourist who enjoys his tour in Jordan when he visit Petra.

However, this building was never meant to be a treasury. It got this name from the Bedouins who lived in the area and believed that there are treasurers inside. This construction is in fact a royal mausoleum. Consisting of two floors that are 25 meters in width and 39 meters high, this was cut out of the rocks of the mountains surrounding Petra all over.

Among other buildings the tourists should never miss while visiting Petra is the monastery. It was constructed in the 1st century BC and it consists of a huge building that 50 meters wide and 64 meters in height. It is believed by many historians that this building was transformed into a monastery during the Byzantine rule. There are some signs and marks of crosses around the walls of the only chamber located in the lower floor of the this building.

One of the most remarkable buildings in Petra is the theatre of the city. It consists of a half a circle that is surrounded by steps where spectators used to sit. This theatre used to host from 7000 to 10000 people in the 45 rows. This huge theatre looks similar in its design and outline to the Roman Amphitheater in Alexandria.

A visit to Petra is a must for any traveler touring Jordan. The ancient city of Petra is the most amazing historical site to be explored in the kingdom of Jordan.