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The Valley of the Whales in Fayoum

Have you ever imagined yourself walking in the depth of the sea? In Egypt this can be possible but in a different way at the Whales Valley in Fayoum. Wadi Al-Hitan or The Valley of the Whales is there from millions of years ago when the sea descended and left a huge land full of skeletons for archaic sea creatures like whales which shows the evolution happened in the whales life until today. You will enjoy a free tour under a sea without water which is a fascinating open museum.

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Wadi Al-Hitan history

Wadi Al-Hitan was the location of the Tethys Sea and after 40 to 50 million years the water was gone and left the Western Desert with many fossil skeletons for the sea creatures.  These skeletons were discovered due to winds and erosion then the humans interfered to continue discovering this huge treasure which helps in understanding the earth’s development until today. This wonderful open museum made it possible to reach the deeper land of the sea to discover what was going there. The archeological excavations happen now in Wadi Al-Hitan sponsored by the National Geographic Society and the University of Michigan. 

The location of Whales valley 

To reach Wadi el Hitan you can drive for 12 Km in the western desert from “Garet Gehannam” hill at the famous Wadi el Rayan Protected Area at Fayoum government. The Whales valley is almost 2 hours away from Cairo as Fayoum is a very close destination to the capital of Egypt. 

What’s in there

During your tour in Wales Valley, you will enjoy discovering skeletons for many different types of sea creatures like whales of course that date back to the Eocene Age from millions of years ago. This is plus thousands of nummulites for various kinds of creatures around the valley.

The expeditions were able to discover around 400 whale and sea cow skeletons in the area of Whales valley and in 1989 they discovered the first fully aquatic whale specimens with legs and feet ever. You will never feel bored with all these interesting discoveries around you in the Whales valley.

Whales Evolution

Whales valley has a very important role in understanding the reality of whale evolution. The whales we know today are mammals that live in the oceans and breathe some air. But after the discoveries in Wadi El- Hitan we found evidence that whales were a result of many years evolution from four legged creatures living on the land.

Of course you’re thinking now about what is the response that made these mammals to enter the sea? It’s because the global temperatures from more than 50 million years ago increased very high to a degree that made some of the land mammals seek a new atmosphere where they can live. Plus the ocean has a tremendous amount of fish species which is the favorite food for the whales.

After many years under water the whales started to adapt to their new environment so their hind limbs began to atrophy and move easily in the water. Basilosaurus was the first whale to be described with functional hind limbs that reminds him of his former existence on land.

How to enjoy the Wadi Al-Hitan experience

At Whales valley, you will not only enjoy the amazing history of this old land but also you will have some fun with the impressive and amazing landscapes around this area. You will find lots of beautiful scenes of gigantic sand rocks and mountains, dunes and hills. To enjoy a magical experience at Wadi Al-Hitan you better visit it around sunset, to catch the colorful views of this natural landscape.

To reach the valley you will need a 4X4 vehicle to be able to enter the desert and to had the best Safari experience until you reach the open museum of Wadi Al-Hitan

There is also a wonderful chance for the stars lovers as the sky of Wadi Al-Hitan is very clear without any disturbing lights which makes the view of stars gazers breathtaking. You can also enjoy having a Safari tour, sand boarding and having bedouin party at night with delicious food.

The Valley of the Whales was added to the UNESCO’s World Heritage list in 2005 for having the most unique natural beauty plus the scientific importance of the valley.

Make sure to have an unforgettable experience at such an entertaining and scientific site like the whales valley. You will stand on the sea ground without any water and discover how the sea creatures have looked like since millions of years ago, then enjoy your time to the max by having fun with your beloved people at the western desert of Egypt with all the entertaining activities there.

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