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Classic Egypt itineraries

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Classic holidays in Egypt can be in more that one shape, there are so many amazing places in Egypt that will make your itineraries more exciting. In this blog, we will provide you with only one shape of classic Egypt itineraries to be as a guide and an example during your arrangements. 

Egypt Itineraries for 8 days

  • Day1: Pyramids of Giza
  • Day2: Cairo City
  • Day3: Luxor City
  • Days 4 – 6: Nile Cruise 
  • Day7&8: Aswan City

Day1 Giza City

Giza is a very close government to Cairo city which has the most important monuments of Egypt, The Great pyramids of Giza. in the site of the pyramids you will be able to do many things, visiting these pyramids from inside and see the greatness of the pharaohs, discovering the site by walking around the three pyramids and Sphinx by riding a camel. 

After finishing the pyramids’ visit, you can go for an interesting visit to the Egyptian Museum in the afternoon. Then continue your tour inside the rest of Cairo city.

Day2 Cairo City

In Cairo city, you have to visit Saqqara which has the’step’ pyramid that dates back to the 27th century BC. This site has been built before the great pyramids of Giza but it is smaller. Some of the walled complexes of the Saqqara site still remain, plus some tombs that have decorations with carved reliefs. 

You also have to try walking in Cairo streets at night and experience the magnificent Cairo nights, as it is the city that never sleeps. Then it is the time to fly to Luxor City for a more pharaonic experience.

Downtown cairo tours

Day3 Luxor City

In a city that contains the ¾ of the monuments in the world, you will enjoy every single detail of this city. The enjoyment begins with the painted tombs of the Valley of the Kings and the great Temple of Hatshepsut. Then to the amazing tombs of Ramses I, VI, VII, and IX. We also can’t forget the ones that for Thutmose, and Amenhotep. 

Another very important monument in Luxor city is the temple at Karnak, Luxor temple, and Luxor museum. All these pharaonic monuments need a guide to make the most out of them and to organize all the information you will get from it. Then start sailing to Aswan City.

Days 4 – 6 Nile Cruise

The destination between Aswan and Luxor city can be pass-through an incredible Nile Cruise trip. During this two-night cruise heading to Aswan city, you will have lots of stops on the two riversides for visiting great sites: 

The first is the impressive temple of Horus at Edfu which was preserved under dunes for about 2,000 years, then to the Temple of Sobek which is for the crocodile god, And continue visiting these stops until you reach your destination, the city of Aswan.

Day7&8 Aswan City

Aswan the city of Gold, it has the perfect mix of the Greenlands, river landscapes, and mountain views which will assure you an unforgettable visit. In this station, you will be visiting the Temple of Philae on Nasser Lake at Agilika Island which moved to this island after the base of the original island was flooded by the Aswan High Dam.

Tou also will be visiting two great temples, the Temple of Ra-Harakhte which has four giant statues of Ramses II, and the great Temple of Hathor which was built especially for Queen Nefertari. Those temples moved also to the site of Nasser Lake.

From here, your visit in Aswan has ended and it is the time to fly back to Cairo, then to your home safely.


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