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What to expect on an Egypt classic tour

Karnak temple
Felucca around the Islands aswan

Egypt has different packages for you to choose the most interesting and applicable for you, but the classic tour is more comprehensive with the best places you must visit in Egypt. We will help you in this blog to know what a classic tour can have to make you crave more so you can try it yourself.

Egypt Classic tour in a 10 days program

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Cairo City

Starting with the Capital of Egypt -Cairo City- once you arrive to Cairo you will find your best friend for this trip which is your tour guide waiting for you in the arrival hall at Cairo airport. He will help you through the whole trip to everything you may need. Then you will start with him your trip to Cairo city which will include the following: 

Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx

The first-day tour in Giza will be to the masterpiece and one of the world’s seven wonders, The 3 pyramids of Giza, Pyramids of Cheops, Chephren, and Mycrenos, besides these pyramids there is a very interesting statue called Sphinx which is a mix of a human head and an animal body, this site is a very good chance for taking photos for a great memory and enjoying Camel Ride.

Saqqara Pyramids and Ancient Tombs

Saqqara city has the Step Pyramid of Zoser & the Pyramid Of King Titi which was built earlier than the pyramids of Giza. There you will visit also very interesting Tombs dates back to the Old Kingdome, Like the tomb of Ti or Kajemeni 

The Ancient City Of Memphis and Open Air Museum

After visiting Saqqara city, you will be visiting the ancient city of Memphis, the city of God Ptah which was the capital in the Old Kingdom. Besides, you will visit the Open Air Museum and the amazing Colossal statue of King Ramses II. Then you can’t miss the incredible Sound & Light show at the Pyramids Of Giza and Sphinx.



To the city of gold, the most beloved city in Egypt not only for tourists but also for local Egyptians. This trip will be so unique because it is a Nile Cruise trip. Your tour will include the following sites:

High Dam, Philae temple Of Isis 

The High Dam was an engineering miracle as it was built during the reign of the Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser in 1960 to save water and electricity.

The beautiful temple of Philae which dedicated to Goddesses Isis and Hathour. for centuries, this temple considered one of the most famous temples of Egypt because of its heritage. 

Felucca around the Islands

Then you will try felucca ride for your first time around the Islands and see the amazing Nile views of Aswan. 

Kom Ombo Temple 

You will continue sailing to Kom Ombo City to enjoy visiting Kom Ombo temple which established in the Ptolemaic period and completed in the Roman era. This temple was dedicated to 2 gods, Sobek the local crocodile, and Haroeris the eagle god. This temple was divided into two sections; one for each god. 

Edfu temple of Horus Sail to Esna 

During your sailing, you will discover the finest preserved temple of ancient Egyptian which is The Temple of Horus in Edfu. This temple has amazing facts you have to know before visiting it, it is the only one we know it has been completed built from Sandstone blocks, and one of the best examples of Greaco Roman temples in Egypt as it was well-preserved.

Felucca around the Islands aswan
kom-ombo temple aswan


At the end of the sailing trip, you will reach Luxor city which is the richest city that contains the ¾ monuments in the whole world, that’s why your tour in Luxor will be a valuable trip. You will be visiting these sites: 

East Bank “Karnak and Luxor temples

Start your trip with the great Karnak temple, where each Pharaoh rendered homage by bringing a stone to build the temple. The temple of Amon Râ was an enormous permanent construction site for over 2,000 years.

Then a historical visit to Luxor temple which is one of the most majestic Pharaoh temples and one of the most picturesque because of it’s suspended mosaïcs.

West Bank “Air balloons, Valley Of the Kings, El Dear El Bahri”

Luxor not only for history but also for a great view like the one you will enjoy through the hot Air Balloon over Valley of the Kings. This burial site from the New Kingdom is the richest and most fascinating ancient tombs in Egypt. 

Then you will head to El Dear El Bahri temple of the greatest queen Hatshepsut which built in the 18th dynasty by Queen Hatshepsut herself. 

Temple of Hatshepsut, Memnon Colossi

Colossi of Mammon are two huge statues which are very important monuments because they are the only remaining items from the great funerary temple of Amenhotep III in 1350 BC. that’s why this temple became a landmark in Luxor city.

Valley Of the Kings
Temple of Hatshepsut

Hurghada City

After this amazing tour in Luxor and Aswan, it is the time to have a relaxing trip in one of the incredible coastal cities on the Red sea, Hurghada city. This will be an open tour inside Hurghada beaches and streets to enjoy your time relaxing by the sandy beach in beautiful views of the Red Sea. you have lots of options to enjoy your time, you can go diving, snorkeling, kitesurfing or any other water sports. It is time for having fun.

Alexandria City

Alexandria a beautiful coastal city on the meaditernean sea that has the mix of the Greek and Egyptian arts. It is the second-largest city in Egypt which is known as “The Pearl of the Mediterranean”. You will not only enjoy the sea but also you will enjoy a deep history that goes back to 332 BC by Alexander the Great as it was the capital of Egypt during the Greek-Roman era.

In Alexandria, you can visit the following: 

The Catacomb Necorpolis related back to the Graeco Roman time. 

The Roman Amphitheatre which discovered in 1960 which was established in the 4th century BC with its marble steps.

Then continue to visit the Library of Alexandria, which established in the 3rd century BC and destroyed in the 1st century BC but you can see it today as a huge wonderful architectural work that was opened in 2002. 

Another amazing masterpiece in Alexandria, Qaitbay Citadel that was established in the 16th century. 

Hurghada City
Alexandria City

From here, the journey will end by going back to Cairo and having an open day to visit the rest of Cairo sites to have a great finishing for this incredible trip to Egypt. Your vacation is a safe hand if you spend it in Egypt, the historical greatness, and having fun at the same place.

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