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Celebrating Easter In Egypt

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Easter the international holiday that gathers many counties celebration at the same time has very special vibes in Egypt.

To know more about the Easter holiday and how it’s like in Egypt with all the interesting details across the seas, you have to check this blog. 

About The Easter holiday  in Egypt

Easter is a religious holiday related to Christianity when they celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

The easter date in Egypt is the same as the other counties, The date changes every year but it always comes on Sunday. 

In Egypt, most of the Egyptian Christians take this day off from schools and work to do their ritual prayer and celebrate their feast. 


How Egyptians Celebrate Easter?

On the next day of Easter which is Monday, there is a very special Egyptian holiday called  Sham El Naseem where Egyptians celebrate Easter in their special way.

On this day all Egyptians go out in parks and green lands to enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of mother nature. They also enjoy coloring the Easter eggs to play with it and especially the kids.

There are special kinds of food Egyptians like to eat on this day, they eat salted fish in a special way called “Feseekh and Renga” with green onion and eggs. 

It was discovered that the day of Sham al-Naseem is an ancient Pharaonic custom as they used to eat salted fish with lettuce and onion during their spring festival which they called Shemu. So this day is inherited from the ancient Egyptians in the first place.

Egypt’s Weather in Easter 

Since the Egyptians used to celebrate the Spring Festival on the second day of Easter, this means that the atmosphere of the Easter is a refreshing spring atmosphere.

The spring climate in Egypt is almost perfect with low temperature which makes it the best timing for tourists to visit Egypt and enjoy all its amazing activities you always wished to do.


easter egypt weather

Best places in Egypt to spend Easter vacation

Easter vacation is your golden chance to discover all the Egyptian attractions, you will enjoy the good weather with the beauty of green lands. If you don’t know where to go at Easter time in Egypt, we prepared for you a list of the best places to visit in Egypt

Cairo City 

For your Easter vacation, Cairo has to be your first destination.

In Cairo, you will enjoy visiting one of the seven wonders of the world, The Great Pyramid of King Khufu.

Besides the masterpieces of the pharaohs, you will enjoy the Islamic and Coptic art. 

It is better not to miss spending nights in Cairo as this city never sleeps.

A walk beside the Nile, eat any kind of food or attending different parties, you can do all this at any time of the day and enjoy life.

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Luxor City 

Luxor city is the city that contains the most of Pharaonic monuments, where you will find many picturesque pharaonic temples and cemeteries that will grab your attention in terms of structure, the accuracy of reliefs, and much more.

Luxor is not only limited to the Pharaonic monuments, but it also possesses a lot of recreational activities.

the most important one is riding balloons, where you will enjoy the scenic landscapes while you are flying in the sky. History in Luxor is just fun

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Aswan City

Aswan is one of the most distinguished cities in Egypt, it has its own type of magic that will force you to visit it more and more.

Aswan has marvelous views of the Nile and the mountains surrounding it. 

Besides the beauty of nature in Aswan, you will also enjoy its magnificent historical monuments like the Unfinished Oblisk, the Philae Temple, and The famous High Dam.

Take this important advice from me, you have to try the Nile cruise to sail down the Nile between Luxor and Aswan, you will never regret this experience. 

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Hurgada City

Easter can be spent on the red sea and enjoy the summer-time in one of the amazing cities on the red sea shore, Hurghada city Which considered the leading coastal resort on the Red Sea.

The sea activities in Hurghada contain so much fun, you can go for SCUBA diving or snorkeling as it has amazing coral reefs and marine life.

For those who want to discover the mysterious underwater life without getting wet, you can try the glass-bottom boat tour.

There is adventurous activities in Hurghada like windsurfing or exploring the Giftun. What I’m sure about is you’re going to have fun.

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aswan at easter
luxor at easter
pyramids at easter

Your Easter vacation will be more fun and valuable if you arrange it in Egypt.  All that you dream of in one country, as you can travel through all Egypt in the Easter break. 

Check our Egypt Easter tours packages for each type of person. Start your arrangements now and make this blog your main guide for an unparalleled experience.

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