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Isis Temple in Aswan

A piece of great news is now published about completing the restoration and development work of Isis Temple in Aswan to reopen it for all the tourists and visitors. This amazing project was made by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities that is always careful to uncover Egyptian treasures to everyone in the perfect and suitable image. Here we will tell you everything about Isis Temple and how the government revives it again.

About Isis Temple

This amazing temple of Isis was discovered in 1871 by King Ptolemy III for the worship of the goddess Isis and chooses its location to be in Aswan city. Its construction started around 690 BC, it was the last temple constructed in the classical Egyptian style

This masterpiece was made from sandstone and it has two main doors. The first door has a winged sun disk on the top, this door is your way to enter the main hall that has 3 rooms. In the middle room, you will find some spectacular scenes for the offerings engraved on the walls. The main entrance of the temple has a big pylon that is about 18m-high covered with reliefs of Ptolemy XII while he is smiting enemies.

Here is important information for you about the Isis temple you should know. Philae Island is the original location for Isis temple but it has to move directly to Agilkia Island after the flooding happens from Lake Nasser. This huge mission made by a multinational team from Unesco.

The temple discoveries

During the restoration work at the temple, the Supreme Council of Antiquities discovered Lots of small pottery vessels in a hole at the temple’s sanctum.

Because of the excavations at the northwest side of the temple, They also discovered some red brick walls. 

The restoration works in the Isis Temple

The restoration work for the Isis temple was a huge project made by the government, during this project they made lots of things to reach a perfect result for the temple. The project included the following:

  • They started by restoring the floors and columns and removing the birds’ and bats’ remains on the walls. They also placed wire windows to prevent birds from entering again.
  • They continue by cleaning the temple’s sanctum entrance by removing soot from its inscriptions and ceiling.
  • They cleaned all the colored drawings on the temple’s walls, they also put the offerings table which is at the Hypostyle Hall under maintenance.
  • They used a modern lighting system to show the temple’s beauty without harming it, this is plus making a clear path for the visitors from the main entrance till the end of the temple. 
  • Some explanatory and guide panels were made by the government inside the temple to include the information on precautionary measures to halt the spread of the Covid-19.
  • To know everything about the temple, they also added  Plus panels in English and Arabic with the information you need to know about the temple. You can get this information too from the QR code on the panels that will lead you to the ministry’s Website.
  • They cared for the special needs people and made rehabilitation for all the paths and created the booklets in Braille, plus translating the films into sign language. 

After all these points, the Isis temple is now ready to open for all the visitors from all around the world.

Isis Temple is definitely a masterpiece from Egyptian history. If you’re planning to visit Egypt this year, you’re so lucky that Isis temple is open and you will get the chance to travel through history and discover this beauty to gain valuable information. Don’t ever miss such a mysterious and historical journey.

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