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Meidum Pyramid | The Collapsed Pyramid

About the Pyramid of Meidum

One of the most mysterious pyramids of Egypt, the Pyramid of Meidum was one of the first attempts of the kings of ancient Egypt to construct a real pyramid.

Although the pyramid of Meidum is situated far from the touristic rout of the country, many travelers who tour Egypt would go to explore this great matchless monument.

A visit to the pyramid of Meidum is actually a must for any fan of the ancient Egyptian pyramids that are visiting Egypt. The construction process of the Pyramid of Meidum was actually the very first step in the construction of a proper pyramid in ancient Egypt. It was the transitory stage between the step pyramid of Saqqara and the Great Pyramids of Giza.

Geographical Location of the Pyramid of Meidum

The pyramid of Medium is actually located in the Beni Suef Governorate. However, usually tourists spending their vacation in Egypt would visit the pyramid of Meidum during their visit to the historical monuments and other sites of El Fayoum.

The pyramid is actually located 20 kilometers to the South East of El Fayoum, 45 kilometers to the South West of the governorate of Giza, and around 100 kilometers to the South East of Cairo, the Egyptian capital.

Travelers spending their tours in Egypt would usually go for a one-day or a half-day trip from Cairo or El Fayoum to Meidum together with some of the historical monuments located nearby like the Pyramid of Hawara, constructed in the reign of the Middle Kingdom.

The Builder of the temple of Pyramid of Meidum

The king Senfru was actually the Pharaoh who constructed the Pyramid of Meidum. He was the founder of the forth dynasty of the Old Kingdom of ancient Egypt and the father of Cheops, the builder of the Grand Pyramid in Giza. He ruled Egypt in the period from 2613 till 2589 BC.

Senfru is the king to be accredited for the attempts to build proper pyramids in Egypt. Although his first attempt in Meidum was completely a failure, he never gave up and he constructed two other pyramids in Dahshur.

The first pyramid to be constructed by Senfru in Dahshur was the bent pyramid while the second one was the famous red pyramid which is considered to be the first proper pyramid to be constructed in ancient Egypt and the second largest pyramid in the country after the grand pyramid of Cheops, his son, in Giza.

The History and the construction of the Pyramid of Meidum

The Pyramid of Meidum was the first construction erected by the king Senfru when he became the ruler of Egypt. He chose this location beside his capital at the time that was called Geddy Senfru.

The construction of the Pyramid of Meidum was actually the first attempt in the history of ancient Egypt to erect a real pyramid. However, the results were not really satisfying.

The ancient Egyptian architects chose this area as it consists of a strong rock plateau that would bear the huge weight of the pyramid and in the same time it would be near the capital.

The construction work of the Pyramid of Meidum began in the same way as the step pyramid of Djoser. However, the architects of the pyramid applied some changes. This included having the burial chamber inside the pyramid instead of having it under the ground.

The ancient Egyptian workers spent many years working in the construction of the pyramid of Meidum to become like the step pyramid of Saqqara that consists of seven layers. However, after the construction of the fifth layer, the architects wanted to construct eight layers instead of seven and then afterwards they would fill the spaces between the layers to have a proper pyramid like these in Giza.

It was in the 28th and the 29th year of the reign of Senfru when the Egyptian architects tried to develop the step pyramid they already constructed into a proper pyramid. The workers have already covered the spaces between the steps with stones but they wanted to add another outer layer because the pyramid became bigger.

The sides of the steps of the Pyramid of Meidum were covered with white soft limestone that was brought from a desert near the neighborhood of Maadi today. The pyramid was supposed to be 92 meters high with the length of each of its side being 144 meters.

This was when the disaster took place when the outer cast of the pyramid collapsed and the site was abandoned immediately afterwards leaving the mortuary temple, the burial chamber, and everything unfinished.

The Description of the Pyramid of Meidum

The Pyramid of Meidum is now deserted in this isolated location with its strange shape. It consists today of Four layers of stones with the first layer being much bigger than the two others and it has a square base.

The height of the Pyramid of Meidum today is around 45 meters. The entrance inside the pyramid is 20 meters above the sea level. The ruins of the mortuary temple are situated to the Eastern section of this historical site.

The northern side of the Pyramid of Meidum hosts the entrance inside the pyramid and the burial chamber.

A steep pair of steps leads inside the pyramid. However, there is nothing to be seen inside the pyramid except some walls with no decorations or colors whatsoever as the pyramid was suddenly deserted after the accident.

Many travelers spending their holidays in Egypt would love to explore the less visited monuments like the pyramid of Meidum that is considered a very important stage in the evolution of the pyramid construction in ancient Egypt.