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What to Expect in a small group tour to Egypt

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If you are preparing for a small group vacation to Egypt, you are in the right place as we will provide you in this blog with a very comprehensive Small-group tour program to cover all the important places you must visit in Egypt plus making this tour suitable more for a group of people. 

Small-group tour program for 8 Days:

  • Day 1: Cairo Arrival 
  • Day 2: Visiting Pyramids
  • Day 3: The City center of Cairo
  • Day 4: Aswan Nile Cruise   
  • Day 5: Kom Ombo & Edfu City
  • Day 6: Hot Air Balloon in Luxor City 
  • Day 7: Luxor Famous Temples 
  • Day 8: Egypt goodbye

Day 1 Cairo Arrival

You will arrive on your first day at Cairo International Airport and will meet with a very professional tour guide who will be your best friend for the rest of the trip to help you in everything you may need. Your accommodation will be in one of Cairo’s famous hotels where you will take the rest of the day to relax from a very long flight and enjoy your nice room for overnight.

Day 2 Visiting Pyramids

On the next day, you will start your trip with your English-speaking Egyptologist, who will join you for an amazing trip to visit the marvelous Pyramids of Giza, which was constructed during the fourth dynasty from 2500 BC. beside the great pyramids, you will see the marvelous statue of the sphinx which is in the body of a lion and the head of a human that made to guard the pyramids against any threats.

Your next visit will be to the oldest and the first proper pyramid in the world, the Step Pyramid Complex in Sakkara. Then to the city of Memphis where you will be visiting The Open Air Museum that established in 32nd century BC by King Narmer. At the end of the day, you will get back to your room for rest and refreshments.

Cairo Arrival at-cairo-international-airport

Day 3 The City center of Cairo

Today’s tour will be in the city center of Cairo which will begin with The Egyptian Museum, the largest museum in the world with a huge collection of displays dating back to various periods from ancient Egypt, as the golden exhibits of Tutankhamen. Then to the great Citadel of Saladin which constructed in the 10th century by Saladin in order to protect Egypt. Finally, you will go for the Coptic Cairo Area to see The Hanging Church, the Abu Serga Church, and of course the Church of Saint Mary. from here your day is ending and will go back to your hotel and beloved room.

Day 4 Aswan Nile Cruise

Another visit to Cairo International Airport, in order to catch your next flight to the city of gold, Aswan. Once you arrive at Aswan, you will be met with a local representative there, who will help you to reach your five-star Nile Cruise ship to start visiting Aswan monuments through sailing. First, the High Dam, which constructed by the former president, Gamal Abdel Nasser in order to store the water and generate electricity. Then to Agilika Island which has the Temple of Philae that constructed in the 3rd century BC during the Greco Roman era. Your last destination of the day is the Unfinished Obelisk, which was found in the granite quarry in the Southern part of Aswan. The rest of the day will be for fun and enjoying the beauty of mother nature in Aswan.


Day 5 Kom Ombo & Edfu City

From the beginning of this day, the Nile Cruise ship will land on the city of Kom Ombo, where we will visit Temple of Sobek & Haroeris that built during the Ptolemaic period and completed in the Roman era. 

Then make your arrangments for the second visit of the day, The Temple of Horus in Edfu City, which was constructed in the 3rd century BC by the Ptolemies for god Horus. After this amazing visit, we will get back to the Nile Cruise ship for overnight rest and refresh. 

Day 6 Hot Air Balloon in Luxor City

After finishing your visits to Awan, you will be sailing to Luxor city. There you will continue the fun by enjoying the Hot-air Balloon over the West Bank of Luxor. Then to the city of the dead where we can find Valley of the Kings, the burial site of the kings from the New Kingdom. 

The Temple of Deir El Bahari will be your next visit for this day, it was constructed during the 18th dynasty by The great Queen Hatshepsut. Then you will end your day by visiting the Colossi of Memnon, these two huge statues constructed in 1350 BC and they are the only remaining items of the great funerary temple of Amenhotep III which made it an important landmark of Luxor city.

kom ombo and edfu

Day 7 Luxor Famous Temples

The east bank of Luxor is the destination for this day. There you will be visiting two marvelous temple complexes, First, Temple of Karnak which constructed from more than one thousand years dating back to the new kingdom. Second, Luxor Temple which constructed in the 14th century BC by Ramses II, Queen Hatshepsut, and many other Pharaohs. 

After finishing this tour, you’ll fly back to Cairo.

Day 8 Egypt goodbye

This is will be your last day in Egypt where you will leave all the great memories you have done and take with you lots of pictures to remind you of this amazing place and lots of feelings that will force you to come back again so that the memories can be revived again. 

Back again to Cairo International Airport to the flight of your home country.

Your vacation with your friends will be more fun and rich with new things at the same time. This program will make it easier for you to decide your new destination and will organize every minute you will spend in Egypt.

Book your trip now and let the adventure begins.

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