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How to package for Egypt trip

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You’re traveling to the other side of the world, so you don’t want to forget, bringing all the important and suitable things for a trip to Egypt. Having the less but right luggage with you is the most important part of your enjoyment of the trip. In this blog, we will help you to prepare your travel bag to fit Egypt’s journey. 

You should bring:

  • Clothes
  • Accessories 
  • Hygiene and Health
  • Electronics 
  • Money 


As the weather and the culture in Egypt is different than your country, you have to bring specific kind of clothes. Don’t forget to get conservative clothing to suit the general atmosphere there. Choose the clothes that cover your shoulder, cleavage, and knees, especially for women. 

You have to be aware of which season of the year you are visiting Egypt to bring the right clothes. 

If you are visiting in winter you have to prepare for warm with often sweltering weather. It will be preferred to bring layering shirts with light jackets as it is not as cold as your country. 

The summer visit is more fun so you can bring a loose outfit with cotton dresses or t-shirts and Aladdin bants.

This doesn’t prevent the presence of some places where you can wear whatever you want, like in Zamalek, Heliopolis, New Cairo, and Maadi. There you will find the residents dressed like you.


There are some accessories you have to bring with you to make your journey in Egypt easier. 

First of all, don’t forget your sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun’s heat. A hat will also be a great helper under the sun’s rays.

Bring a scarf with you as you will need it in multiple things, to cover your hair inside the mosques, worm yourself at night if you feel cold, and you can wear it around your neck when you feel uncomfortable to cover your chest. 

Comfortable and Closed-toe shoes will help you to move freely and discover the place easily. This also will help you to avoid the dusty streets and keep your foot covered. 

A cross bag also will help a lot to keep your important things safe and close to you. 

Bring with you an easy hold bottle of water, to keep your body hydrated all the time.

Travel Bag

Hygiene and Health

In the places outside the tourist sites, you will need a hand sanitizer to use it after the toilets or after visiting very crowded places to protect yourself from germs. The tissues have to be with you all the time as it’s rare to find it in the public toilets.

Your sunscreen has to be your buddy in Egypt if you want to preserve your skin. You are not used to the sun’s heat, so your body is more vulnerable to damage.

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In Egypt, they use plugs with round and two-pronged 220-volt, so don’t forget to get your country’s adapter. 

You don’t want to miss the Egyptian beauty without taking pictures, so you will need a camera to save your memories there.

Of course, your smartphone will play an important role in this trip, as you can use it to communicate with your home people or make more travel arrangments inside Egypt. You will use it also as an alarm to be aware of your trip timing, and as a guide for you using the internet to read more blogs like this one.

Travel accessories


Travel means spending money. In Egypt, it’s easy to spend money through your credit or debit card as most of the places there accept paying with cards. You will need to get some dollars cash to exchange it with Egyptian pounds, this is for giving tips and paying the smaller bills. You have to get a small burse to put the cash in it and keep it close to you especially in the crowded places. 

Now your bag is ready for the departure to Egypt. A bag, full of suitable clothes, useful accessories, hygiene products, entertainment electronics and finally the appropriate ways to spend your money on this trip. You’re now an expert on what to bring in a trip to Egypt. 

Your flight is waiting for you, prepare your bags now.


All what you need to know about traveling in Egypt

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