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3 Main Types of Tourism In Egypt: Where to Go Next?


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Cultural charms, religious sites, relaxing views, or healing sands, how would you like your next visit to Egypt?

Throughout the ages, Egypt has been a destination for many tourists because of its wonderful attractions, geographical location and moderate climate. 

Although the most common tourism types are cultural, religious, leisure and medical tourism, there are other types of tourism addresses a large number of tourists all around the world.

And you are one of them, too!

Discover the fun you can have through beaches tourism, marine tourism, desert tourism, sports tourism, golf tourism, safari tourism, environmental tourism and festivals tourism. 

Each type of tourism has its characteristics and advantages that will urge you to return to back.

Cultural Tourism

Cultural tourism is the first type to be found since the discovery of ancient Egypt and the decoding of hieroglyph.  Egypt has many cultural archeological sites that make cultural tourism ever lasts. Ancient civilizations are seen in many sites in Egypt; especially, in Cairo. 

Aon City or Ain Shams or Heliopolis is one of the most important archaeological areas and the oldest capitals in the ancient world situated in Ain Shams, a northeastern suburb of Cairo. Pyramids of Giza (Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure ) are of the seven world ancient wonders which were used to be tombs for powerful kings and queens. They express the greatness and creativity of the ancient Egyptians. 

Sphinx also is located in Giza; it symbolizes strength, wisdom and intelligence. It is a portrait of the god of the sun called Raa’. Its construction is the body of a lion and the head of a human. In Dahshour, the Red Pyramid and the Bent Pyramid are ornamenting the place.

Other Egyptian cities are full of ancient sites which express the cultural tourism; for example, Abu Simbel Temple, Habu Temple , Hathour Temple, Valley of the Kings in Luxor, besides, Philae Temple in Aswan.


Religious Tourism


Some tourists seek to visit sacred and religious places in Egypt because they have like a spiritual feeling in these places; besides, they have miraculous architectural designs different from the Pharaonic styles. Religious tourism includes mosques, churches and castles. 

Al Azhar Mosque is on the top of the mosques in Cairo because of its position in Egypt and the whole world and because of its special design. Egypt, particularly Cairo, is generous with a number of adorable Mosques such as Amr ibn al-Aas Mosque, Al-Hussein Mosque, Sayyida Zainab, Mosque, Ahmad Ibn Tulun Mosque, Rifai Mosque, Imam Ash-Shafie, Sultan Hassan Mosque, Al Hakim Mosque and Mohammed Ali Mosque.

You can also visit some churches such as the hanging Church which is one of the oldest churches in Egypt, Saint  Barbara Church, Abu Serga Church and Saint Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Cathedral which is the Seat of the Coptic Orthodox Pope, it has a distinguished structural design expressing seven churches.


Leisure Tourism

Leisure tourism or recreational tourism is one of the most endeavors sought by tourists.  Egypt is characterized by two seas that have gorgeous shorelines full of many marvelous views; they are the White Sea and the red sea. The Red Sea is known for its pure water and amazing coral reefs, you can do marine activities there. Besides, the Gulf of the Aqaba is a perfect place to do water sports and the Gulf of Suez is a place for tourism resorts.


Red Sea Region

If you go to the Red Sea region, you will surely enjoy pure water and colorful coral reefs and ‎diversified colors of rare fish.


Go to Sinai where you can be entertained with the beautiful landscapes of hills and ‎mountains and long beaches which are extended on the Gulf of Suez ‎and Aqaba.


El Arish Beach or the Palm Beach is full of many ‎attractive palm trees along the coast. Your staying there will be interesting because several places and resorts are overlooking the charming view of the beach; besides, all the tourist services are available.

Nile Cruises

We can say that nile river cruises trips may be considered a solo type of tourism called Nile tourism; it includes small boats, fast cruises, Yacht journeys and floating hotels.  You can enjoy nile cruises trips from Luxor to Aswan and vice versa.


Medical Tourism

If you want to be relaxed having a peaceful mind, you should visit Montazah Palace, or we can say Montazah Gardens because it is considered a bug tranquility zone fruitful with tall palm trees, stripped grasses and flowering plants. This royal palace is very distinctive by its architectural establishment as it is a haven from the summer heat.  Its splendid design of Florentine-inspired towers ‎and Rococo garnish is very spectacular to make you wish to stay in the palace. However, the palace itself is not always open for the public but the gardens are open.

Baharia Oasis

You can be treated in Bahariya Oasis because of its springs of Halfa and its ‎warm water (30 degrees Celsius). International specialized centers there are ‎for therapy based on the natural springs of the area.‎

Beaulac wells

Beaulac wells are near to el Kharga oasis; it is proved that the water of the Bealuc well has several beneficial minerals. In addition, sand dunes, close to the wells, have also great importance for treatment from many diseases such as rheumatism, rheumatoid, joint pains and some kinds of inner bone inflammations. This can be achieved through burying your ill parts in the sand for a particular time.

Nasser Wells

Nasser wells are three deep wells gathered in a swimming pool. Their warm water is used for the treatment of rheumatism, kidney stones, renal colic, skin inflammation diseases and some digestive complications. You will also be relaxed by the wonderful view of the green area surrounding the wells.


Farafra Oasis

Many herbs and plants are spreading in the new valley oasis such as dammsesa, Al Ashaar karkade; they can be used for the treatment of rheumatism as well as digestive system diseases. Stomach aches can be treated by using Catnip herb. The Egleeg herb (sugar palm) can be used for the treatment of diabetes.

Sands of Safaga

Psoriasis can be treated by the sands of Safaga due to its moderate climate, its ultraviolet sun rays and its enormous mountains as a natural block against sand storm and winds. The radioactive mineral elements of Safaga sands (Uranium, Thorium and Potassium) are very essential for the treatment of psoriasis, joint pains, and skin inflammation.

They are called black sands. Safaga climate is also suitable for patients who have a history of heart, kidney and liver diseases. The low gravity helps high blood flow patients and vascular deficiency patients be treated. 

  The medical tourism is not limited to the previous places but there are also many springs, wells and areas for treatments from different diseases such as Pharao and Moses baths in Sinai, Dakhla oasis as well as coral reefs and mud medication Hurghada‎.


If you want to try different types of tourism, Egypt is the best place for that. It has many ‎diversified places including cultural, religious, leisure and medical tourism. Each type of tourism ‎is aimed at oneself to be enjoyed and relaxed.

For example, cultural tourism benefits you ‎through visiting archeological sites enhancing your information about the history and making you be amazed ‎by the great ancient civilizations.

Leisure tourism is special for refreshing your psychological ‎health by visiting distinctive landmarks with wonderful views. The religious tourism fills your ‎soul with spiritual feelings.

The medical tourism is very important for those who aim to be treated ‎from disease; they visit particular places containing springs and wells helping in the treatment. Consequently, we can say that Egypt is always a unique enjoyable destination for tourists ‎from all over the world.

Whatever the type of tourism you’d like to have in Egypt, we will plan it for you.
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