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Siwa Oasis a place you should never miss

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Have you ever seen the beautiful mix of green lakes with yellow sand? This breathtaking scene is located only in Siwa Oasis. This city is a unique city among all of Egypt, it has a unique culture, language, and unique location that give it this beauty. Follow this blog to know everything about your experience in Siwa Oasis

Let’s take you on a small tour to discover more about the beauty of Siwa Oasis”

The location of Siwa Oasis in Egypt

You can find this magical piece of land around 350 miles from Cairo, the capital of Egypt. It is also located on the east of the Libyan borders.

Siwa Oasis is one of the most incredible oases in the western desert, it contains thousands of palm trees and hot springs which gave the place a magical touch of beauty.

Siwa Oasis History

In the 13th-century, the people of Siwa used to live in the center of the town in houses made of the mud-brick until 1926. This place used to be known as Shali, but because of a heavy rainstorm, the whole place gets destroyed.

Siwa maintains its local culture from the very beginning until now, among their cultural values is the alcohol is forbidden and the women can’t get out of their houses except in very rare times. One of the main values there is welcoming visitors as they are very generous people.

Know the best time to visit Siwa Oasis

It’s always good to visit Siwa as the weather there is almost fine all year. Although, there is very special timing in the year you better visit Siwa in it. We can advise you to come and visit Siwa in winter from October to April as these months are the coolest months of the year. With this advice, you can avoid the summer heat and get the best out of this experience.

What to wear during your visit?

Because of the cultural values we talked about, women have to dress appropriately during their visit to Siwa as respect for the people and the place. How can you know you’re dressing right to the place? You have to keep the arms and legs covered. If you decided to swim in one of Siwa springs you better choose one of the desert hot springs as it is more private so you can wear whatever you like. 

The best places to visit in Siwa Oasis

If you are one of the mysterious lovers, Siwa is the best choice for you. In Siwa, you will find a variety of activities and places to enjoy your time there. Here are a part of Siwa’s unique attractions:

  • The Temple of the Oracle 
  • Cleopatra’s Spring
  • The Salt Lakes
  • The Great Sand Sea
  • Mountain of the Dead 
  • Siwa House Museum

The Temple of the Oracle 

The Temple of the Oracle is a very famous place in Siwa since antiquity, it dates back to the 6th century.  

This temple has an interesting story, Alexander the Great chooses this temple to visit and asks about the truth of his mother’s words of being the son of Zeus, he asked for the consulting of the oracle. Until today you can find the ruins of Oracle temple available for all visitors.

Cleopatra’s Spring

During your visit to Siwa you have to enjoy some natural spring water. We recommend you visit Cleopatra’s Spring as it is one of the famous natural springs among the town of Siwa.

It’s preferred to respect the locals there and special during the swimming time, this is to avoid the extra attention and to enjoy the great feeling of new experience in Cleopatra’s spring.

The Salt Lakes

To complete your strang visits in Siwa, you should never miss visiting the Salt Lakes. You will enjoy the clean water which is in the green color which makes a beautiful scene. You will not only love the beauty of the lakes but also you will gain lots of health benefits due to its high concentration of salt.

The Great Sand Sea

Go for safari trips with 4×4 cars in the magical place of the great sand sea. You will enjoy the desert view with the huge mountains. If you tried the camping feeling inside a forest, you should try the one inside the desert. Make sure to arrange at least for one trip to the desert while you’re visiting Siwa to enjoy the amazing sand sea.

Mountain of the Dead 

To give your visit the taste of adventure you have to pass by the mountain of the dead. It is a mountain filled with rocks and over 1500 tombs, part of these tombs date back to the pharaonic time and others to the Greco-Roman. 

A very suspense trip like this should be on the top of your visit list. 

Siwa House Museum

If you’re fond of art and history, you will definitely enjoy your visit to the Siwa House Museum. You will find there amazing artifacts about the ancient Siwa traditions and customs.  For example, some arts present the traditional Siwa’s wedding which used to last for 7 days. You will live in the ancient Siwa for a while at the Siwa House Museum.

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