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Travel Guide – Things to Do

What a 72 Hours can do in Cairo
If you think 3 days is too quick to visit Cairo, yes it is, but we can manage it for you to get the best out of these 3 days. We will help you through this blog to prepare everything for your journey to Egypt to not waste any single second. We will also provide...
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things to do in luxor
Luxor, the city of Thebes was the ancient capital of Egypt; many historical and ancient sites are located there.  It has the main attractions of Egypt which fascinate any visitor.
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Things To Do In Alexandria
Alexandria is the second-largest city in Egypt with equally interesting sites as Cairo. It is definitely worth your visit because ‎of its mix of Ancient Egyptian and Graeco-Roman heritage. You can do many wonderful activities that you will enjoy, such as visiting historical places,
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You can do many things in Cairo which is one of the world’s great megacities. It enjoys historic finery and it is rich with many beautiful landmarks. You will witness the history that spans centuries as the most famous monumental places are located in Cairo such as Pyramids of Giza, Sphinx and many museums such...
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